James Ohsako

James Ohsako

Front-End Developer

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About Me

Hi there! I'm James, a self-taught developer who's dabbled in market research, tech support and sales. I blend my experiences working frontline customer service and backend technical support to provide exceptional customer success.

I also love playing and teaching board games of all kinds. Are you a fellow board game enthusiast? Add me on BGG!

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I have experience with the following items:

  • Front-End

    Medallia Qualtrics React.js Javascript(ES6/ES7) CSS Bootstrap Styled-Components

  • Back-End

    Medallia(Admin Suite) Medallia(Classic Setup) Node.js ExpressJS MongoDB Firebase Python

  • Other

    ProofHub GSuite SugarCRM Trello Kanban Git Github Netlify


Hobby Finder

Yelp Clone made specifically with hobby enthusiasts in mind. From golf to laser tag to miniatures and board games, if you found an incredible hobby spot, come share it with our community! Uses Cloudinary for image hosting, user authentication to handle user submissions, comments, and reviews, which is stored in MongoDB. Also utilizes Google Map's API along with custom styles to deliver a cluster map. Easily one of my favorite full-stack projects built.

  • Javascript
  • Express Router
  • Mongo DB
  • Validation
  • Image Upload
  • Map API
  • User Authorization
  • Cluster Map


Simple and clean recipe application with features such as bookmarking favorite meals, changing serving sizes, and uploading custom recipes. Search recipes and cooking directions, pulls from a recipe API.

  • Javascript
  • API
  • Validation
  • Pagination
  • SASS
  • MVC Architecture

Food Order App

A mockup of a modern food ordering app that allows adding and removing items to a cart. Once users are ready to order, they can input their information which gets sent and stored on a firebase realtime database.

  • React
  • Hooks
  • Firebase
  • Modals
  • Context State Management
  • Validation

React Yahtzee!

Classic dice game utilizing React Class Components and a healthy dose of states & props. Roll, lock, and score your way to beating my high score of 124!

  • React
  • Animations
  • Class Components
  • State Management

Dad Jokes

Pull Dad Jokes from an API, vote whether you like or dislike a joke, then send a snapshot of your favorite jokes to your friends! Uses localstorage to keep track of personal votes. Which Dad Jokes will prevail amongst all else?

  • React
  • Class Components
  • State Management
  • API

React Hangman

Classic Hangman game with a paper and pencil aesthetic. Pulls from a list of 1500+ english words! Can you figure out the word before your stick figure friend kicks the bucket?

  • React
  • Class Components
  • State Management



Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies
California State University of Long Beach

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